Love Bike Documentary

We use the bicycle as a tool to inspire human connection and community, explore the intersections of feminism, fashion, art, comedy, & sustainability, with the goal of reaching the bike-curious.


We believe in peaceful co-existence between all travelers – whether you travel by car, by foot, by bus, or by bike. We want to reach out to the experienced motorist offering the possibility that diverse modes of transportation exist, and are attainable. In this way, we can connect to a new experience of relating to the world we live in, and in turn find a new way to connect to each other, regardless of the vehicle we use.


By documenting Kara Minnehan’s experience of the motorist to cyclist change process, we present the idea that bike-riding is a viable option for all. We hope to engage our audience in dialogue and direct action related to the concept of using a bicycle as a tool for community-building, sustainable living, feminist action, fashion, performance art & comedy, and sheer enjoyment.


We are inspired by the power of human relationships connection, communication, and love. We respect people with regard to our diversity as human beings, including gender, age, ability, mobility, nationality, socio-economic status, sexuality, ethnicity, and cultural or religious background.

We invite you to share in Kara’s story and learn what it means to live, bike and love!

Film Crew:

  • Director & Producer: Kara Minnehan
  • Director of Editing & Videography: Kevin Hanzlik
  • Director of Audio & Sound: Alison Grayson

Project Team:

  • Comedy Coordinator: Amanda Benzine
  • Community Bike Build: Mike McGovney & John Minnehan
  • Community Outreach & Cultural Competency Representative: Christina McGovney
  • Marketing Coordinator: Yael Grundstein
  • Music Contributors: Naomi Hooley, Kathleen Jones, The Shook Twins, & Tyler Stenson
  • Music Coordinator: Kim Walsh
  • Photography: Steve Kemper & Crystal Tenty of Portland Pictures
  • Social Media Support: Molly Berger & Katie Galvin
  • Special Events: Stephanie DiBrezzo
  • Youth Coordinator: Claire Keogh

Board of Directors:

  • Molly Berger
  • Jennifer Brenner
  • Gaby Cortes
  • Katie Galvin
  • Amanda Grebner
  • Yael Grundstein
  • Simone Shipp
  • Pete Walsh
  • Monika Weitzel
  • Media Sponsors:
  • Kink Radio
  • Momentum Magazine
  • ORbike

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Live, Bike, Love