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Bike Love is a short documentary film about Kara Minnehan’s bike riding quest in Portland, Oregon. On December 1, 2011 Kara gave up her car for the purpose of trying out new modes of transportation and experiencing the city’s bike culture firsthand. Fashion, feminism, community-building, sustainability, and comedy are brought to life within the foundations of Portland’s cyclist community.

Through out the experience of living without a car, Kara is introduced to a new world, along with a range of challenges, allowing for self-exploration and personal growth. Along the way, Kara meets a range of female cyclists – business executives, young activists, baristas, artists, mothers,  and more – who have incorporated bike-riding into their lives in different ways, such as women who have undergone the motorist to cyclist change process, as well as those who simply enjoy an afternoon ride on a sunny day. In hopes of reaching the “bike curious” – those who are interested in bike-riding, but are too busy to make time, too nervous to try, too scared of change, or just need a reason to try it themselves-  the documentary offers the perspective that bike-riding can be used as a part, or full-time mode of transportation, and is a viable and accessible option for anyone, especially women.

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Live, Bike, Love!